Cash App: Get Instant Discounts on Everyday Purchases and Save Money

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I was touring houses with my realtor when we lucked out and scored some free coffee from one of the open houses. During our drive to the next open house, we got into a conversation about how he saves money on his daily coffee purchases. This was when he introduced me to Cash App.

Cash App, by Square, provides an easy way for you to send, spend, save, and invest your money. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Venmo app so it’s easy to understand the benefits of being able to send and receive money. With the money in your account, you can also invest in stocks or Bitcoin. What I’m most focused on and would like to share with you is how you can save money on your everyday purchases with the in-app “boosts.”

Boosts are perks you can set within the app to apply to your purchases made with the Cash App account (via mobile pay or physical card). Some perks include:

  • $1 off each visit of any coffee shop
  • 10% off of each DoorDash order
  • $3 off each visit of Cinemark
  • $5 off one visit of any restaurant
  • + many more!

Only one boost can be active at any given time, and the boost will expire after a certain time (typically 2-3 days). Don’t worry about the boosts disappearing. They’re usually available again within 24 hours after expiration so you can reuse your favorite boosts again.

If you do the math, some of these boosts would provide more savings than some of the popular credit card cashback perks. Take the “$1 off each visit of any coffee shop” boost as an example. Coffee in San Francisco costs around $4 so a 2% credit card cashback perk can’t possibly compete against the $1 off coffee boost. I’m basically getting a 25% cashback from Cash App!

Here’s the bonus: If you sign up with my referral code, you and I will both get $5 for free if you successfully send money to another user. This could easily be accomplished by inviting someone out to coffee, having them pay for the coffee, and you’d pay them back with Cash App. Easy money!

What are you waiting for? Start saving money on your everyday purchases with this awesome app!

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