Recap of Our Home Buying Experience

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Being a homeowner, especially in San Francisco, is definitely something I couldn’t have guessed would happen to my wife and me. I mean, come on. Being a homeowner in San Francisco? That’s impossible!

Well, turns out the impossible became a reality. With some help from our parents, we were able to snag a beautiful condominium for a “reasonable” price. Reasonable only in the San Francisco sense, of course.

“So you’re telling me it’s possible?”

My wife and I knew we couldn’t live in our in-law unit forever. Eventually, we’re going to want kids. This would mean we’d need more space and privacy to raise the future kiddo(s). The only way to do that is to either rent or buy. This led us to have a casual conversation with a buddy of mine, Corey from Aesthos Real Estate, about the possibility of buying a house.

He started with trying to get a better sense of our timeline of when we think we’d start looking at homes and what our preferences are. We honestly had no idea if we’re ready so he connected us to an awesome loan consultant, Young.

Young is the man when it comes to making sure his clients feel comfortable and understand every financial intricacy of the home buying process. He was able to take a look at our finances and give us a breakdown of what we could reasonably afford. The number didn’t give us a bunch of options, but was still do-able.

Green light.

It all led back to our first love.

Now that the reality of home ownership is slowly starting to materialize, we started doing some major Redfin and Zillow research on prospective homes to look into. We’ve actually done a little bit of that prior to going to Corey, and we’ve always been very intrigued with the condos that are located in the complex we live currently live in. It must’ve been fate that we fell in love with this complex because no other place we saw came close to it.

After what seemed like an endless amount of impromptu house tours and weekend open houses, we felt that the unit we live in is the one we’d go with. In terms of meeting our requirements, it checked every point. In terms of price, it was pretty close to our budget as well. In fact, it was pretty much move-in ready so it ended up saving us a ton on remodeling. All signs seemed to point back to the place we initially fell in love with.

The (Real Estate) Dream Team

As we said, we fell in love with our current place and we would like to get it closed ASAP. I did some research and, on average, it takes 24-30 days to close on a house in California. Well, it helps to have the Dream Team for real estate on our side because Corey and Young were able to help us close in 18 days.

On the realtor side, Corey met with us numerous times to solidify the contract and made sure we understood everything we were signing. The effort he put into answering every question and concern we had put us at ease even though there were hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.

On the mortgage loan side, Young was meticulous throughout every step of the loan signing, which made for a streamlined process. Every checkpoint was met with little resistance because Young made sure we did everything efficiently and correctly.

What can I say? We had a Dream Team behind us every step of the way.

Note: This is not an ad and I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post.

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