We’re Homeowners? In San Francisco!?


January was a month filled with spontaneous night house tours, emergency phone meetings, and tough decisions. The level of stress my wife and I experienced while navigating through the home hunting process has got to be up there with the rest of the stress-filled processes we’ve had to make throughout our lives. Now that January is over, our condominium officially closed and we are new homeowners!

Never in a million years would I imagine myself owning a home. And in San Francisco! If someone were to tell me a few years ago that I’d be owning a place in San Francisco, I’d laugh at them.

This wasn’t all our own doing though. None of this could’ve been possible without help from our parents. Without their guidance and, of course, some financial assistance, we would not be able to secure the unit.

Another person to thank would obviously be our realtor and friend from Aethos Real Estate, Corey. Initially, I was a bit worried that our friendship would interfere with something as serious as buying a home, but it all worked out. From a simple inquiry of understanding the home buying process to the official signing to close the condo, he was extremely professional and reliable. More information to come in a future post!

My wife and I are extremely grateful for all the help we received, and are excited to start a new chapter in our lives. We’ll most likely take a few weeks (or months) to move in and get everything settled, so don’t expect any inside scoops on our place for a while. But until then, enjoy this promotional video of our condo with the furniture staging:


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