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Gartner: Get Paid $25 for a Professional App Review You Write

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If you work an office job, you’re most likely using professional suites and applications for your day-to-day tasks. Do you create or share work documents and spreadsheets? You’re probably using suite applications like Google Drive or Office 365. Do you host or attend meetings over the web? You’re probably using web conference apps like Zoom or WebEx.

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Cash in by reviewing each application you use.

Start taking advantage of the experiences you have with professional apps and cash in on them by writing reviews on Gartner! You’ll be paid a $25 gift card when your review is approved. Sounds easy, right? Because it is that easy!

  1. Register with GartnerYou will need to make an account first before you can write a review. The email you use will need to be a company email address. I’m assuming this is their way of verifying that you actually use (or used) the apps you’re reviewing.
  2. Search for an app to review. Think about what applications you use at work and search for them to review. If you need help, here are some common applications:
    • Google Drive
    • Office 365
    • Zoom
    • WebEx
    • Slack
    • Skype
  3. Write the review. Reviews are easy to write since you are asked specific questions about the application so you don’t have to write an open-ended review. Reviews usually take 5-10 minutes to write depending on how detailed you want to be.
  4. Wait for approval. After you complete a review, you will have to wait for it to be approved. It typically takes 4-5 business days for approval. You’ll receive an email once the review has been approved.
  5. Get paid! Once your review has been approved, you will get an email informing you of the approval and for you to redeem your $25 gift card. Congratulations, you just got $25 richer!

For 5-10 minutes of work, a $25 payout is pretty awesome.

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