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Boba Blog Special Edition: Bliss Sweet (San Francisco, CA)

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All of my boba blog posts so far follow the same format: I review a boba shop’s customer service, store atmosphere, and milk tea drink with boba. I’ve received some feedback saying that I should try reviewing different drinks to give the boba blog some variety. Well, in this entry, I chose Bliss Sweet to do just that.

Bliss Sweet is a boba shop that had its grand opening earlier this month. Located near other businesses in the heart of the Outer Sunset, it’s convenient for people who just had dinner at a nearby restaurant to stop by and grab a drink or for local residents to get their boba fix. And after visiting here for their grand opening, I’ll start off by saying that this place is a great addition to the neighborhood.


Bliss Sweet Foosball

The interior of Bliss Sweet is awesome! The owners really put in the effort to make every inch of the store look warm and welcoming. With the use of modern furniture and texture wallpaper, it’s a very “instagrammable” environment, which is what they were most likely going for.

Bliss Sweet Couches

The abundance of seating makes this boba shop a great hangout spot as well. There are leather couches and tables for groups to sit around and enjoy one another’s company. For those looking for entertainment or something more to do, there’s a foosball table if you enjoy that sort of thing. What would be awesome is if Bliss Sweet offered a few board games for customers to check out, but hey, what they have so far is already more than I expected.

Ambiance: 9.5/10


I’ve been here twice so far, and each time was a pleasant and welcoming experience. The employees greeted me when I first entered the store. Whenever a cashier greets me rather than ignore me as they go about their usual duties, it makes me feel like they care, which is always good. They were also helpful in recommending drinks and explaining the special promotion they’re offering (BOGO 50% off!).

The only thing they can improve on is the speed of making the drinks. It’s not unusual for new boba establishments to take a little longer to make drinks since they’re probably still getting their process down. Hopefully, they figure things out and start churning out those drinks!

Service: 8.5/10

Boba Drink

Bliss Sweet Drink

I decided to review something different for the boba blog so I settled on the Mango Sago. For those who are unfamiliar with this drink, the best way to describe it is that it’s an Asian mango smoothie with tiny, translucent balls similar to boba.

The drink itself was quite good and well-made. Although the mango bits felt a bit stiff and hard (this is normal for not-in-season mangos), it didn’t overload the drink. It also wasn’t overly sweet, which was my worry initially, and was pretty refreshing.

Drink: 8/10

Final Thoughts

I’ve been waiting for quite some time for a boba shop with a warm atmosphere and great hangout environment, and I think I found it with Bliss Sweet. The leather couches and foosball table make it seem like you’re in a cozy game room. Pair it with some boba drinks and you’re good to go for a Friday night hangout with friends.

Final Score: 8.67/10

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