Friday Favorites: Lightning Bolt Gold Pendant


Some of the nicest streetwear outfits I’ve seen include gold jewelry, whether it’s in the form of a chain, earring, or bracelet. It’s pretty much expected for the best-dressed hip-hop and streetwear icons to include some sort of shiny jewelry as a part of their clothing ensemble. The secret is to wear it so that it doesn’t make your entire fit look too overdone. Well, that’s easier said than done.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a gold chain and pendant combo that I can wear daily. My criteria for an everyday neck accessory is as follows:

  • Has to mean something to me or represent me in some way
  • Subtle enough to wear to work and/or can easily be tucked away if needed
  • Versatile and should go well with any outfit
  • Doesn’t look tacky

After checking out different online vendors and doing a little bit of research, I decided to go with the Micro Lightning Bolt gold pendant from GLD. I chose a lightning bolt because I wanted it to serve as a reminder that I should bring energy in everything that I do. Whether it’s in the workplace or on the basketball court, I should be the spark that gets things done. Aesthetically, the pendant is a simple and clean piece that can blend in with any outfit. It doesn’t scream for attention like how typical gold jewelry would.

Lightning Bolt Pendant Closeup

Believe it or not, I was very self-conscious the first few times I put it on. I never wore a necklace before, let alone a shiny gold necklace with a gold lightning bolt, so I wasn’t sure how my friends and family would react to the new shiny object hanging around my neck. To my surprise, no one was critical or even asked about it. I was actually getting compliments on how awesome and cool the pendant looked.

It’s pretty awesome to feel more positive from just wearing something. As stupid as it may sound, I feel “swaggier” when I rock the Lightning Bolt. And with all the time it took for me to research and pick out this piece, I think it was well worth it.

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