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Friday Favorites: Oahu, Hawaii

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Of all the islands of Hawaii, Oahu is my favorite. It’s amazing how much natural beauty and cultural wonders the island has to offer. With the lively entertainment, incredible food, and breathtaking views, I can’t imagine anyone not including it on their list of travel destinations.

The Aloha Spirit

The vibe in Oahu is so relaxing and free. The locals are incredibly welcoming and friendly towards everyone – tourists and fellow locals – something I’m not used to in the Bay Area. I guess that’s what they call the Aloha Spirit because love and compassion come so naturally to everyone that lives here.

Oahu Eric from Terrace House photo
Meeting Eric from the Japanese reality show, “Terrace House.”

I stayed in the Waikiki area both times that I visited Oahu. During those times, it seemed like the island never slept because I would always hear people in the streets enjoying themselves, regardless if it was day or night. I would compare the atmosphere to being a lower scale version of the Las Vegas Strip (without the gambling and strippers, of course). You have to see it to believe it!

Unmatched Natural Beauty

Even though the island is known as a metropolitan area, there’s an abundance of nature. Hiking trails, seaside cliffs, and beautiful beaches are scattered all around Oahu so those who are outdoorsy can take their pick on what they want to experience.

During my first visit to Oahu, my friends and I hiked up Koko Head. It’s one of the more difficult hikes I’ve done, but what made this hike stand out from all the other hikes I’ve experienced was the view at the very top. The top of Koko Head overlooks the entire southeastern side of Oahu, and the view you get to see from it is stunning. Calling it stunning doesn’t even do it justice.

Would I go through that grueling hike again? Uh… probably not! But was the experience worth it? You bet it was.

Koko Head photo
A friend regretting his decision to hike up Koko Head.

The beaches around Oahu are second to none. I’m not much of a beach person, but during my time there, I enjoyed the walks along the crystal clear waters and quiet time on the soft sand. Spending time at a beautiful beach and doing nothing but listening to the rolling waves is one of the best escapes from everyday life. What better place to take a mini-vacation from reality than in Oahu?

Kayaking in Oahu photo
Group photo after kayaking from Lanikai Beach to Mokulua Island.

Final Thoughts

Oahu is a place that’ll always have a spot in my heart. The locals are so hospitable and the beautiful nature is something that’s only unique to the island. If you haven’t gotten the chance to visit, make sure to put it on your bucket list. It’s one of my favorite vacationing spots and I’m sure you’d feel the same too.

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