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Chinese Takeout on Valentine’s Day – A GrubHub Review

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There was no fancy dinner or bouquet of flowers for my wife’s and my first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. We wanted to do something a little less conventional: Netflix, boba and Chinese takeout. I like being lowkey and this is probably as lowkey as it gets for this Hallmark holiday.

To make the most of our night, we wanted to forgo any home cooking by using a food delivery service. We were told by a friend that GrubHub offers a $7-off-$15 discount for first-time customers. We never turn down a discount so we decided to go with it.

GrubHub App

Upon opening the GrubHub app, it asks you to enter an address to show the available restaurants in the area. I entered my address and was surprised by the different restaurants to choose from. I was shown over 80 restaurants across various cuisines: American, Chinese, Pizza, you name it! Chinese was the cuisine of choice for the night so we picked the one with the most positive reviews.

Here’s where it started going downhill.

I had all my dishes in the cart and ready to be checked out. All my information had been entered correctly (I triple-checked), but the app seemed to refuse the $7-off-$15 promo code. I tried doing everything I could think of to fix it: restart the app, re-enter all my information, re-add all the dishes – nothing worked! In the end, I had to check out without using the promo code.

Screenshot of GrubHub
Screenshot of GrubHub App after my food had been delivered. Why does it still say my order is in the works?

The app seems to still have bugs. I ordered the food when I got off work so that it’d be at my door once I got home and it arrived 30 minutes early. This would’ve been fine if the Order Tracking status updated or I was notified somehow, but none of the two occurred. I had to find out through the courier who called 30 minutes ahead of the estimated delivery time informing me that he was in front of my house. Even after the order was delivered, I checked the Order Tracking feature and it still said my food is in the process of cooking.

GrubHub App: 3/5

Customer Support

My experience with customer support might be a bit unique because it was a holiday. I used their online chat service and it took around 10 minutes for me to connect with an agent. Once I did connect with an agent, it felt like I was on hold for most of the conversation. Almost every message I sent was met with a “please wait” response. The total time it took for me to have my issue resolved was around 20 minutes.

I feel that the customer support experience could use some work. It’s not the agent’s fault for making me wait a couple minutes after every message sent since they’re probably helping 10 other people at once. However, there needs to be some sort of change to the process so that I, the customer, don’t feel like I’m being kept on hold repeatedly. Again, this is not the fault of the agent and I’m attributing this to the customer support process.

Customer Support: 3/5


Whoever my courier is, kudos to you for being so quick and efficient. As I said, my courier arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule. If I knew the couriers were this fast in delivering, I would’ve ordered a little later.

Speedy delivering would mean nothing if my order was screwed up, but to my surprise, everything was there! I couldn’t have asked for better delivery service.

Delivery: 5/5

Final Thoughts

Most of GrubHub’s shortcomings were centered around the mobile app. It seems to have some bugs that were hindering the user experience of the ordering process. As long as they fix the mobile app issues and their customer service process, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be using this delivery service again.

Oh, and the Chinese food was delicious!

Final Score: 3.66/5

Author’s note: If you’re interested in using GrubHub, sign up using my link!

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