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On my way to work one morning, I received a text message from a friend telling me about a new boba shop in South San Francisco named BeauTea. What an awesome name! With a name like that, I had to see what they’re all about and if their milk tea is any good.


The interior of BeauTea is quite small. All the available walking space is within an 8-feet by 8-feet area in front of the counter. There are a few bar seats right in front of the store window, but with such limited space, I don’t expect them to add any additional seating.

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Even though space is limited, you can tell BeauTea made an effort to create a welcoming and cozy space with their décor. Entering the boba shop, I was greeted by a bicycle art piece. Across the room is a decorative whiteboard with magnetic letters for the customers to play with and enjoy. Installed above the whiteboard is a neon sign that reads, “Have a BeauTeaFul day!” Clever, right?

Ambiance: 8/10


The cashier at BeauTea was friendly and attentive. I ordered four drinks and two snacks, so it was quite a lot for her to enter into the system. Even with such a large order, she made sure each drink was accurate and made to order.

BeauTea Cash Register Photo

The order came out fairly quickly considering the number of orders before ours. Even though we had three people order before us, our drinks came out in ~5 minutes. That’s quick for having such a small space and only one other employee making the drinks and snacks.

Service: 9/10

Boba Drink

From the first sip of my milk tea, it reminded me of a milk tea from another boba spot: Teaspoon. Even with my usual sweetness preference, the drink was still pretty sweet. However, it’s not too overpowering where I can’t taste the tea flavor. It’s near that sweet spot (pun not intended) of having a nice balance of milk and tea as well.

BeauTea Boba Drinks

The difference between BeauTea and Teaspoon is the taste of the boba. Teaspoon definitely has a slight edge on having better tasting boba, but the difference is slight. BeauTea boba is still sweet and has a nice chewy consistency, but I think it could be a tad bit sweeter.

Boba Drink: 8/10


It’s nice to finally have another good option for boba south of The City. The reminiscent taste of Teaspoon means I don’t have to drive as far if I ever crave it. It also means I have another option for boba in South San Francisco other than Eggettes.

BeauTea Pose Photo

The service from BeauTea was world-class and I definitely appreciated the effort in making the interior welcoming and cozy. The slight knock on the venue would be the size, but since it’s meant to be a to-go boba place, it makes sense to not have such a large store.

All in all, it’s a boba shop worth visiting again.

Final Score: 8.33/10

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