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9 Annoying Types of People You’ll Encounter in a Movie Theater

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You leave the movie theater after watching a film you’ve been waiting to see since its release. Instead of thinking about the film you’ve just seen, you’re instead thinking about the few annoying individuals that ruined your cinema experience. Does this sound familiar?

I’ve experienced different types of people at the movies who has ruined the cinema experience for me because of their antics. They were either obnoxious, irritating, inconsiderate, or any combination of the three. In this article, I’ll explore each type of these annoying people.

1. The Seat Hogger

There should be a rule for crowded theaters that forbids a person from placing their belongings in a seat if it’s not being saved for a friend. The number of seats a group gets to occupy is equal to the number of tickets the group paid for. Simple rule, right?

Apparently not.

It irks me when I’m seated next to the said seat that’s being used as a storage bin. The seat hogging is basically inviting the unwanted question, “Is this seat taken?” from the Late Comers, not to mention the possibility of invading my personal (armrest) space. Be considerate, people.

2. The Late Comer

Oh, the Late Comer. Most, if not all, movies will have Late Comers. They will come in at any point of the movie, whether it’s during intro credits or the climax of the movie – it doesn’t matter to them. They don’t mind distracting the on-time audience by stepping into their view and making noise as they try to find a seat.

3. The Commentator

I enjoy watching movies in theaters alone. Why? To me, watching a movie is not meant to be a social activity. The theater is dark and the volume is turned all the way up so that people can focus on what’s on the big screen. Sure, people can discuss the movie after it’s over, but not during. Apparently, this isn’t obvious to everybody.

“Oh, this is my favorite part.”

“I don’t think he did it.”

“Dude, how did he survive that?!”

Please, don’t be that person in the theaters that other people have to shush or complain about to management. We didn’t pay for a ticket to hear someone else’s commentary.

4. The Loud Chatter

The Loud Chatter is similar to the Commentator in that they’re talking is disrupting other audiences’ movie experience, but the difference is that the Loud Chatter doesn’t even talk about the movie. Their talking has no relevance to the movie whatsoever.

“Where should we go eat after this?”

“Really? John saw this already?”

Again, a dark movie theater is not the place to be talking. If it’s not an emergency, please zip it.

5. The Phone User

What’s worse than someone talking during the movies? A bright light coming from someone using their phone throughout the entire movie. If someone talks, you can at least drown them out by covering the side of your ear that the talkative movie-goer is sitting on. But what do you do when another bright screen is competing with the big screen? You can’t avoid it!

I recently sat next to a lady who was commentating, Snapchatting, and checked her Instagram throughout the movie. I can drown out the talking, but I couldn’t figure out how to ignore the bright light from her stupid phone! Needless to say, that night was a long night at the cinema for me.

6. The Human Snack Bar

Imagine yourself watching a psychological thriller and the antagonist is about to reveal a twist. As he is about to let the audience in on his little secret, you hear a familiar noise a few rows in front of where you’re sitting: crinkle… crinkle… CRINKLE. You recognize it as the sound of someone struggling to open their plastic candy bag.

I don’t mind and actually expect people to make some noise here and there from their snacks. However, if someone basically purchased the entire snack bar, they should be considerate and prepare accordingly to minimize the noise they’ll make from fidgeting with all their snack packagings. No one likes hearing loud plastic crinkling while everyone appreciates the effort to keep it to a minimum.

7. The Bodily Noise Generator

Most bodily noises are natural so it’s hard to expect anyone to control them. Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that bodily noises are distracting when a movie is playing.

I think it’s appropriate to expect anyone with an issue with bodily noises to try their best to keep it to a minimum. Whether a person needs to cough, sneeze, or whatever else they need to do, I think it’s safe to expect them to keep it as unnoticeable as possible.

8. The Busy Legs

The Busy Legs is a person that may be struggling to sit still or needs more leg room. As a result of their constant leg movements (hence the “Busy Legs” nickname), they end up kicking the seat in front of them. It’s quite annoying for the person sitting in the said seat.

The only upside to having a Busy Legs in the theater is that they are normally not a nuisance to anyone else in the theater except to the person they sit behind of. With that said, if you were the person sitting in front of them, you’re in for a long movie night.

9. The Allergic-to-Sitting

The Allergic-to-Sitting is similar to the Busy Legs in that they always need to move. The difference is that the former refuses to remain in their seat. They would get up and step out of the theater throughout the whole movie for whatever reason. Whether it’s to use the bathroom, refill popcorn, or take a walk, they have to do it multiple times. They aren’t the most annoying people to have in your movie, but they do distract you nonetheless.

And there you have it: 9 types of annoying movie-goers. I hope you don’t run into any of these people, but from my past experiences, it’s highly likely you’ll encounter at least a few of them from this list. Some are more annoying than others so we just have to hope for the best.

Which types of people from this list have you encountered at the movies? Leave a comment below!

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  1. I think this: ‘ To me, watching a movie is not meant to be a social activity.’ is the root of your problems. Be social and ask people to SHUT THE F* UP!!!

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