VNYZY’s Music Playlist: January 2018


In 2018, I want to be a little adventurous with the type of music I add to my Spotify playlist. I’m not big on making (or keeping) resolutions, but I thought I’d try something small, like branching out my music taste.

A genre I’ve been looking into is Christian Rap. I’ve heard a couple songs here and there but never really dug deep into it. What better place to discover new songs than the user-created Spotify playlists? I didn’t find many gems in the few playlists I’ve browsed, but I did find some bangers, notably A.i.’s “Pick Em Up.”

The first VNYZY’s playlist of 2018 will include A.i.’s track plus a mixture of rap, pop, and indie music.

  • EDEN – End Credits (MUST LISTEN)
  • Calum Scott – You Are The Reason (MUST LISTEN)
  • Tülpa & BLANKTS ft. gnash – Kiss Fight
  • A.i. – Pick Em Up (MUST LISTEN)
  • Eric Chou – I See You Everywhere (MUST LISTEN)
  • Loren Allred – Never Enough
  • The Chainsmokers – Honest (SAVI Remix)
  • G-Eazy – Pray For Me
  • Xuitcasecity ft. No Sleep – Need Somebody (Remix)
  • DJ Snake, Lauv, & Devault – A Different Way (Devault Remix)

For previous playlists, check out the VNYZY’s Playlist Series page.

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