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VNYZY’s Shopping Haul: December 2017

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I’m going to start a new blog post series on the deals I come across and pull the trigger on. The goal of this series is to show how I apply some of the shopping tips to maximize my savings. Hopefully, you’re able to use these tips for yourself and are able to take advantage of some of these discounts as well.

I’ve been waiting for the holiday shopping to make most of my purchases. For what I consider non-essentials (electronics, entertainment, etc), I find it best for me to do my research and wait patiently for the deals. Because of this, I was able to score the following deals:

Google Home Mini

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My brother has a Google Home Mini, and he uses it to control the lights and music by just talking to the device. It seems pretty cool, but I didn’t want to pay the full price ($49) for basically having a speaker with built-in Google Assistant/Siri. However, after researching about what else the Google Home can connect to, I became interested.

I got an awesome deal by making my purchase off of Google Express. By doing just that, I was able to get some much-needed groceries and a Google Home Mini for just ~$30. This puts the actual price I paid for the Google Home Mini to ~$23. Pretty good deal, eh?

I’ll do some sort of review after I get used to the device so stay tuned!

Moviepass 1-Year Subscription

People may find it weird, but I love going to the movies by myself. It’s one of my go-to hobbies to do on an early Saturday morning if I ever feel like doing something relaxing. That’s why the concept of Moviepass has always made sense to me. The only thing that held me back was the $10 per month subscription.

My friend notified me about a Costco deal that offers a one-year Moviepass for $90. When I did the calculations, it came out to be $7.50 per month. To make this deal worth it, I would have to:

  • Watch 7 movies at full price (assuming $13 per ticket)
  • Watch 12 movies at matinee price (assuming $8 per ticket)

Given my usual habits of watching movies, I think I could make this work easily.

Nike PG 1 Basketball Shoes

I play basketball at least twice a week so I’d be lucky if a pair of basketball shoes last me more than six months. I’m always on the lookout for sales so that I can replace my worn-out shoes. When I saw that Nike was having a 30% off clearance sale, I hopped on that real quick and picked me up a pair of PG 1s for only $60! Hopefully, these will last me at least another six months.

Old Navy Long-Sleeve Crewneck Tee

I rarely shop at Old Navy because I’m not too fond of the quality of their clothes. That all changed when I found a $15 off $50 deal by using RetailMeNot. And the kicker? You can use it on top of their discounted prices. The $6 discounted long-sleeve tees with the deal applied came out to be ~$4.20. Who cares about the quality of a shirt when the price is so low?!

For the price, the quality is actually pretty decent. I’ve only worn it once, but it’s one of the softest shirts I currently own. At $4.20 a piece, I probably should’ve gotten a couple more.

Old Navy Built-In Flex Flannel Shirt

Old Navy Flannel image

I’ve been on the hunt for some sort of olive-colored flannel, but I didn’t think I’d be getting it at Old Navy. The discounted price for the flannel was $15. With the $15 off $50 deal, it puts the final price of this flannel to ~$10. The final price made this an easy buy. For the price, this is a pretty stylish flannel, so I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

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