Spotify’s 2017 Wrapped: A Breakdown of Your Year in Music

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Spotify’s Wrapped feature helps break down the music you’ve listened to during the year. It analyzes every song you’ve played and provides you with a summary that includes your most listened to artist, song, and genre. The feature will also give you a playlist of your top 100 listened to songs and another playlist of songs you might like.

Breaking Down The Tracks

Breakdown of 2017 Music

It’d be awesome to get a comparison of my breakdown with that of an average Spotify user. To me, 43,000+ minutes of music and 1400+ different songs seem like a lot, but what’s that compared to other users? Hopefully, we can get a comparison with other users for the 2018 Wrapped.

Top Artists, Songs, and Genres

Top 5 Artists, Songs, and Genre

I’m a bit surprised at Jhene Aiko being in my top 5 listened to artists. I didn’t know I have so many of her songs on my playlist. However, I did expect Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar being up there.

My top 5 listened to songs basically sum up the types of songs I like listening to: melancholic songs. Again, I was surprised with the list as I wasn’t expecting any foreign songs to be up there.

The top 5 listened to genres was kind of expected. I enjoy songs with good beats so the listed genres make sense.

Trigger Happy

2017 Spotify Skipped Songs

If you’ve sat in my car and listened to my music, you know I skip a lot of my songs. I usually do this when the majority of the song is already done and this drives many of my passengers crazy. Skipping 827 songs doesn’t seem like much though. Again, I’m curious as to how many songs an average Spotify user skips.

My Top 100 Playlist

Care to know what my top 100 listened to songs are?

My 2017 Wrapped

2017 Spotify Summary

And there you have it! I’ve listened to over 800+ hours of music and the majority of them are pop music. It’s not surprising that the top artists are Hip-Hop/R&B artists, but it’s interesting that my top songs include some foreign music.

What does your 2017 breakdown look like?

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