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Christmas in San Francisco 2017


Like many others, Christmas season is my favorite time of the year. It’s a time for social gatherings, gift giving, and enjoying holiday decorations. There’s something about holiday music and Christmas lights around the city that makes me feel extra happy.

I always try to make an effort to visit the different stores and hotels in Downtown San Francisco just to see what kind of Christmas decorations they have set up. I’ve been doing this since high school, and it still amazes me how creative some of these places can get. It’s easy to tell between the hotel lobbies that put in a lot of effort and the lobbies that just want to throw something easy together.

Christmas Workplace Decoration image
Giant ornaments outside my workplace
Westfield Upside Down Tree image
Upside-down Christmas tree at Westfield Mall

Whenever I go on these Christmas decoration exploration trips, I like to take my time so I can take it all in. I would go to a location (like a mall), put on headphones with my current playlist playing, and just walk around aimlessly. Some may find this boring, but I actually find it relaxing and a little therapeutic. Everyone needs some time alone, and this is just one of the things I do when I do get time alone during the holidays.

Christmas Tree Westfield image
Christmas tree at Westfield Mall

I’m not sure how much longer the decorations are going to stay up as Christmas is right around the corner, but I would like to embark on at least one more of these exploration trips. With all the effort put into the decorations, it’s a shame to not take the time to appreciate them. Luckily, I’ll have a week off of work after Christmas to relax during the tail-end of the holiday season.

Let’s hope I make the most of it.

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