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7 Awesome Gift Ideas for White Elephant


What gift should you bring to bring to a Christmas party or White Elephant gift exchange? The best gifts are practical and can be used no matter who ends up getting it.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 7 gift ideas that will definitely draw attention and turn heads at any holiday party you attend. The kicker is that most of these gift ideas are under $20!

Don’t lock in on a gift yet without checking these ideas out:

7. NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser

NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser Image

NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser ($44) fills the home with its aroma and keeps it smelling lush. I use a couple of reed diffusers around my home and, along with keeping my home smelling fresh, they act as great decorative pieces as well.

6. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer Image

Make sure to keep your holiday drinks hot with the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer ($8)! It’s perfect for the coffee-lovers that prefer their coffee while it’s still hot. Don’t like coffee? It works for other types of drinks as well, like tea and hot cocoa.

5. Microfiber Fleece Blanket

Microfiber Fleece Blanket Image

Curl up in a soft and warm blanket during the holidays with a microfiber fleece blanket ($18). It will make falling asleep in front of a fireplace that much easier.

Warning: This is a popular item. I’ve been trying to win one of these from White Elephant for the past couple of years and they always get stolen from me. 

4. Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine Notebook Image

Know someone that likes to journal? Then they would probably enjoy a new Moleskine Notebook ($16) to start off their new year.

I keep a Moleskine notebook in my bag for jotting down blog post ideas or taking notes on any book I’m reading. There’s something about writing in a hardcover notebook that makes the experience feel much more enjoyable.

3. Insulated Water Bottle

Simple Modern Water Bottle image

As the winter season rages on, we need to remind ourselves to stay warm and stay hydrated. An easy way to do both is to get an insulated water bottle ($16.50).

These water bottles are double-walled and vacuum insulated. For less than $20 and at 25oz, these bottles will keep your liquids cold for 28 hours or hot for 12 hours. As for how popular this item is at White Elephants, these are usually the most coveted gifts.

2. Codenames

Codenames Game image

Give a gift that everyone can enjoy by bringing Codenames ($15), a social word party game that pits two teams against each other to see who has the best teamwork and creative hints. This is a simple game that you can play for hours. And for under $20, you’ll get the best bang for the buck.

1. Gift Cards

Gift Card image

The easiest and safest gift to bring is a gift card to a retailer that you, yourself, would shop at. If someone ends up with the gift card, take it as you trying to introduce them to that brand.

I know what some of you are going to say: “Bringing a gift card is basically cheating!” But in all honesty, who doesn’t like to get gift cards? If you don’t mind getting a gift card, I’m sure the other participants of the White Elephant wouldn’t mind either.


Note: If you purchase any of these gifts, I will be getting a small commission. However, I stand behind all of the recommendations I make on this post or anywhere else on the site because I have had experience with them one way or another.

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