VNYZY’s Music Playlist: November 2017


I have a strange need for the top 10 songs of my music playlist to be no more than 2 weeks old. If my playlist hasn’t been updated within two weeks, I start developing an irrational displeasure towards it. I would have to hunt for new songs to add to the list in order to relieve my annoyance.

This got me thinking that I should share my musical discoveries with other people. I frequently get asked about the songs that play in my car so I know that people are interested in my playlist. That is why I will be starting a new post series: VNYZY’s Playlist Series.

Fall and Winter are perfect seasons for listening to melancholic songs. There’s something about the colder weather and earlier nightfalls that makes these tunes more enjoyable.

Since October, I’ve been looking specifically for melancholic songs. Here’s a quick list of some of the songs I found, including some new Chris Brown and Sam Smith releases:

  • Sam Smith & YEBBA – No Peace (MUST LISTEN)
  • Sam Smith – Say It First
  • Olivia O’Brien – Empty
  • Olivia O’Brien – hate u love u (Original version) (MUST LISTEN)
  • Chris Brown – Tough Love (MUST LISTEN)
  • Kygo & Wrabel – With You
  • Epik High & LEE HI – Here Come the Regrets
  • Alan Walker & Noah Cyrus – All Falls Down
  • Marc E. Bassy – Black Jeep
  • Linkin Park & Steve Aoki – One More Light (Steve Aoki Chester Forever Remix)

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