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I’ve been hearing good things about Little Sweet since it opened around two years ago. It’s located on the edge of the Inner Richmond district, an area that’s difficult to find free parking, so it’s been hard finding time to try this place. I found myself driving near Little Sweet on my way to a friend’s house when I decided to finally stop by.

Little Sweet storefront


I’ve been told that walking into Little Sweet is like walking into a barn. I wasn’t sure what that meant until I saw it for myself.

The interior walls are decorated with numerous quote wall art similar to Cha Town in Chinatown. I feel like the owners just hung them up to distract the customers from the fact that they didn’t want to fix up the dilapidated walls. They could’ve been more strategic with how they fixed up the place, but I guess ambiance wasn’t a top priority for them.

Little Sweet picture of friend making angry face
How my friend feels after 30 minutes of waiting for our drinks.

Speaking of furnishing, the amount of seating is pretty limited. The window-front has a bar table with a wooden bench. Not the most comfortable and probably where the barn vibe came from. In front of the tea and drinks station is another bar table with tall wooden stools. Again, not the most comfortable seating.

Ambiance: 7/10


What I expected to be a quick boba run turned out to be a long errand instead. There were 6 other groups waiting for their drinks when I placed my order. Waiting for 6 orders to come out doesn’t usually take that long. Assuming 2-3 drinks per order, the average boba shop would probably take 10-15 minutes to crank out 6 orders. I had to wait for over half an hour for my drink at Little Sweet.

Little Sweet cashier

If I had to guess, the long wait was probably due to them being understaffed. There was one employee taking the orders and another making the drinks for the entire store. When the pending orders started piling up, the cashier would stop taking new orders to help with the drinks. They may want to consider hiring another person to make drinks if they want to keep up with the orders.

Service: 7.5/10

Boba Drink

Little Sweet milk tea

I was quite surprised by how good my milk tea tasted. It had a unique homemade flavor that I haven’t really gotten from any other boba shops.

So what do I mean by homemade? I mean that it tastes exactly like what you expect when making milk tea in your own kitchen: a simple taste of milk, tea, and a little sugar. This simple flavor is a good change from the typical boba places that rely on added sugar for taste.

The boba itself had a decent flavor and good consistency. It could be a little sweeter to add a kick to the milk tea, but it’s also fine as it is.

Boba Drink: 8.5/10


Little Sweet definitely got their drinks down. The milk tea has a unique homemade taste that makes it stand out from the other boba shops. However, their service can definitely be better. I can’t imagine myself waiting half an hour each time for my drink.

Final Score: 7.67/10

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