Unboxing: YI 4K Sports & Action Video Camera – The GoPro Killer


I’ve been on the lookout for a quality action camera with a low price tag that I can take with me during my travels. After a few weeks of researching, I finally came across a good deal for the YI 4K Sports & Action Video Camera.

The general consensus from the reviews I read for this camera is that it has similar specs and features to the GoPro HERO5, but for just half the price. Several features are even said to be better than the GoPro-equivalent, which is why the camera is dubbed the “GoPro Killer” by some. With the reviews and price in mind, everything seemed promising so I decided to pull the trigger on it.

Apple-Inspired Packaging

YI 4K Camera Box

The YI 4K came in a minimalistic white box with a picture of the camera on the box cover. The box design is similar to how Apple designs their product boxes. Along with the box design, the inside packaging also reminded me of Apple. This makes sense as I’ve heard that Xiaomi, the company behind the YI 4K, is considered the Apple of China.

Sleek & Compact Camera Design

YI 4K Camera

After removing the box lid, I was greeted by the pristine camera lens that sat on the sleek body of the YI 4K. You can tell Xiaomi aimed for a simplistic design since there is only a single button on the top of the camera. This button acts as the on/off button and the record button.

I was surprised by how small and light the camera felt in my hand. It’s small enough for me to carry around in my pocket. This is perfect since it’ll be used for documenting my travels and special events.


YI 4K accessories

Also inside the box are the camera accessories: charge cable, battery, and manuals. What the package doesn’t include (but needs in order for the camera to work) is one of the recommended microSD cards. Without a memory card, the camera won’t be able to record. This meant that I wasn’t able to test it right out of the box.

Going Forward

Since I had no microSD card, I haven’t gotten a chance to use it other than turning it on and customizing the settings. I plan on practicing with the camera by doing some weekend recording sessions to get used to the different settings. The goal is to familiarize myself with it enough to use it for my upcoming Japan trip. Stay tuned for a more thorough review!

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