7 Reasons Why You Should Get Amazon Prime Now!

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Before Amazon Prime, I never believed in signing up for any kind of online subscriptions. I saw them as unnecessary luxuries and couldn’t figure out why people felt the need for them. It wasn’t until after I tried the free trial for college students that I started understanding why there was so much hype around it.

Once I had the means to pay for the subscription, I signed up and never looked back. The annual fee of $99 seems like such a steal considering all the perks and benefits Amazon Prime offers. The list goes on and on so I decided to give you my top 7 reasons for joining:

1. Free two-day shipping. Need it quicker? Upgrade to one-day shipping.

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The core benefit of Amazon Prime is the free two-day shipping. Depending on where you live and where the item is located, it can sometimes be reduced to one day!

If you need the package the next day, you can upgrade to one-day shipping. You would need to pay extra for this option (around $4-$10), but hey, what’s a couple dollars if you really need something?

Amazon stays true to their word when they offer you guaranteed two-day or one-day shipping. If the package is ever late for any reason, they usually reimburse you with Amazon credits.

2. Not in a rush? Use standard shipping and receive free Amazon credits.

My favorite shipping perk is actually their no-rush shipping. If you opt-in for this shipping option, Amazon rewards you with credits, usually for their Prime Pantry or digital downloads. I like to save these digital downloads credits for when I want to watch something that isn’t included in their Prime Video package.

A bonus of the no-rush shipping is that is that your package could still arrive in two days even with no-rush shipping. If that happens, it’s basically getting free Amazon credits for doing nothing at all!

3. Sharing it with family members — free!

Want to share your Prime membership benefits but not your login credential? You can add up to one adult to your Prime membership for no extra charge. That’s another person that can enjoy free shipping, Prime Video, Amazon Fresh, and more!

I’ve added my wife to my Prime membership so that she could browse for Amazon deals whenever she wants. This also allows her to track her own packages and not blow up my email with order notifications that aren’t mine.

4. Unlimited streaming with Amazon Video.

prime video

Prime Video provides unlimited streaming of numerous TV shows and movies. Amazon also offers their own Amazon Prime Original Series. Some of their notable titles include:

5. Too busy to shop for groceries? Order with Amazon Pantry.

Amazon Pantry allows me to fill a box (up to 45 pounds) with as much groceries as I want and have it shipped to my door at a fixed shipping cost of $5.99. I have yet to use this feature as I’m still saving up my Amazon Pantry credits, but once I do get enough, I’ll only need to pay for the $5.99 shipping.

6. Unlimited access to Prime Day deals.

Prime Day is a one-day event for Prime members only. During this event, Amazon offers different deals throughout the day for Prime members to take advantage of and save even more. They’re usually limited in quantity so Prime members must be fast in order to secure these deals.

7. Experience world-class customer service.

In my past experiences, Amazon has always offered world-class service. A couple years ago, I ordered a wristwatch through Amazon Prime and used the two-day shipping option. I was really excited for the order because I wanted to wear it during an upcoming Vegas trip. However, the package didn’t arrive on time, and to make matters worse, it was apparently lost in transit. I expected to have to jump through hoops just to get in touch with customer service, but it was easy to reach a live agent and get a resolution. I was promptly offered a refund and a $10 credit for the mishap.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member since 2015, and since then, it has saved me a ton of money and time. Even though I pay $99 a year, my savings from free shipping and Amazon credits make up for it.

If you would like to test out Amazon Prime for free, you can try Amazon’s 30-day free trial. I will guarantee that it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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