If You Like Serial, You’ll Like Netflix’s American Vandal


What do you get when you take a true-crime documentary like Serial and mix it together with a bunch of dick jokes? You end up with Netflix’s American Vandal.

American Vandal is an 8-episode mockumentary following the investigation of a high school prank involving 27 faculty cars being vandalized with graffiti penises. After reviewing some of the evidence, the school accuses Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro), a student and notorious “dick drawer,” of the prank. He is expelled, but an investigation is launched by Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) to uncover if Dylan was truly behind the prank.

American Vandal pictures on wall

Like Serial, each episode of American Vandal builds on the testimonies and evidence from previous episodes. The narrator presents the facts and speculations on the possible suspects, the motive, and how the crime could’ve been carried out. As the viewers get to know the different characters, it’s hard not to formulate your own hypothesis as to who the culprit is.

In a series that has “dick drawing” as the main crime, you should already know that it’s not going to going to be completely serious. American Vandal sprinkles what people would consider immature humor throughout the mockumentary. If that’s your type of humor, then why are you still reading this? Get on Netflix and start watching!

Expect the series to start off strong with the humor and dick jokes in the first half of the series. The latter half becomes more intense as the characters and the viewers start narrowing down their top suspects.

Still not convinced? Watch the trailer:

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