Affordable Furniture We Purchased to Save Space in Our Small Apartment


As newlyweds moving into an in-law apartment, my wife and I wanted to furnish our new place. We knew we weren’t going to stay at this spot for more than a few years, so we wanted to focus on reliable and affordable furniture. It was also a small apartment space so we had to be strategic with the furniture we purchased.

With the constraints we faced (affordable and space-efficient), we decided that Amazon was the retailer that would get us the most bang for our buck. We liked their wide selection of user-reviewed items because we wanted to be confident in our potential purchases. They also provided us with the dimensions of the item, which made it easy for us to map the floor plan.

We spent a couple of days making a list of what we needed and measuring the rooms. After narrowing down a couple of potentials and confirming Amazon’s provided dimensions with our measurements, we pulled the trigger on a few items:

For the Bedroom: Seville Classics’ Expandable Closet Organizer System

We knew immediately that we needed more closet space for our bedroom, and the Seville Classics’ Expandable Closet Organizer System ($99.93) provided that. This closet organizer consists of two tower racks connected by two expandable hanging rods.

The expandable rod feature was the main selling point for us. We currently have the rods fully extended because we wanted more space to hang our clothes. If we were to ever change our minds about the space it used, we could always shorten the rods.

The shelves on the tower racks add a nice touch to the closet organizer. We use the shelves to display trinket collections and other small items. Since this is an open closet system, it fits in our bedroom seamlessly.

For the Kitchen: Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack

The counter space in our kitchen is almost non-existent so we really needed something that provided counter space and storage. We remembered seeing the Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack ($73.99) in a friend’s kitchen and thought we could use something like that.

This kitchen rack system includes three steel racks for storage and a wooden cutting board for chopping ingredients. Between the top-level rack and the wooden cutting board is a hanging bar with hooks. The hooks are great for hanging utensils and cookware.

Since our small kitchen was short on cabinets, we used the metal racks for storing additional cookware and appliances. The cutting board acted as our extended counter space and used for light cutting. This rack helped make up for what our kitchen lacked, and for only $74, it was worth every dollar.

For the Office/Living Room: ClosetMaid 8-Cube Organizer

We transformed the smallest room of the in-law apartment into an office and living room hybrid. Due to the narrowness of the room, we struggled to find the best futon and TV stand combination that would provide a comfortable distance between the two furniture. After some research, we decided that the ClosetMaid 8-Cube Organizer ($50.52) would make the best use of the space as our TV stand/shelf.

The cube organizer is simple but versatile in how you use it. They come in various sizes, giving you the option to stack them or lay them side-by-side. You can also purchase the fabric drawers if you want to convert any of the cubes into drawers.

We bought the 2×4-sized cube and laid it down horizontally so it can be a TV stand for when we get a flat screen. Until then, the organizer is currently being used as a shelf for storing our books and displaying picture frames.

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