The Essentials: Hawaii Honeymoon Trip

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My wife and I recently returned from our week-long honeymoon in Hawaii. We spent our first 4 days in Oahu and the following 3 days in Maui. The weather was scorching hot the entire week we were there, and I ended up leaving Hawaii a couple shades darker than when I arrived.

Even though the trip has already passed, I would like to share the essential items I brought with me. I was told that the Hawaii heat can be a killer during the summer months, so I packed accordingly:

  1. “Supreme” Camo Fanny Pack – Notice the Supreme brand is in quotes because this fanny pack is most likely a knockoff. How do I know? Because I bought it from AliExpress and it cost only ~$10. Fake or not, I still wanted a small bag to carry my important items (wallet, cellphone, etc.) because I didn’t trust keeping them in my pockets. And who doesn’t like wearing a fanny pack, right?
  2. Illest Japanese Kanji Cap – I knew I wouldn’t be styling my hair so I wanted to cover up my bed head with a simple hat. This black hat did the job.
  3. iPhone 6S – What can I say? I can’t go anywhere without my phone. I needed it daily to find restaurant recommendations and look for directions.
  4. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses & Case – No way I’m walking around Hawaii with the sun hitting my naked eyes so I decided to bring my trusty Ray-Bans. And it makes me look stylish, so that’s always a plus.
  5. Supremebeing Tiger Tank – I only wore tanks when I was in Hawaii. It was too hot to wear anything with more fabric than a tank.
  6. Stüssy Camo Cargo Shorts – Sometimes I’d want to switch it up and take a break from my fanny pack so I’d wear these cargo shorts. I bought this at a Stüssy Campus Sale in college, and it has served me on most of my hiking trips and travels.

I brought other items (e.g., laptop, book, etc.) as well, but the above items were what I brought around every day during the trip. Hopefully, there’s going to be a third trip to Hawaii because there are still many places to explore!

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