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It may be just me, but boba joints around the San Jose area aren’t that appealing. There are a couple of decent places on my “San Jose Boba Spots” list, but none of them would be go-to spots. They are more of spots that I’d go to if I wanted to satisfy my cravings, but I wouldn’t be expecting anything special. It’s still good to keep my list up-to-date for when I do end up in the area.

I was in the San Jose area to visit my friend’s art gallery exhibition when I decided to visit Tea Lyfe. It’s a 5-10 minute drive from SJSU, and it’s located in a plaza on Story Road in East San Jose. Parking was pretty easy to find on the Saturday afternoon that I went.

Ambiance: 9/10

The inside of Tea Lyfe looks like the product of an interior design project from someone who drew inspiration from Pinterest. They have your everyday seating of wooden chairs and seats, and unique seating of tree stump tables and mini-tree stump seats. They have lightbulbs that hang down from the ceiling mostly for aesthetic purposes than for functional lighting. It’s the perfect place for studying and doing work.



I can’t give an honest opinion about their service since I wasn’t the one who ordered the drinks. The only thing I could say about the place is that they require a $8.00 minimum for all credit card transactions, so it’s basically a two-drink minimum to order if you don’t have cash.

Boba Drink: 7/10

I’m normally not a big fan of milk teas that have too strong of a tea taste, but Tea Lyfe makes the drink in a way that doesn’t let the tea overpower the entire drink. I would say the taste of the milk tea is acceptable. The gripe I have about the drink was the boba. It was a little too mushy so it would occasionally get stuck on my teeth when chewing it. The taste of the boba itself lacked sweetness.


Final Rating: 8/10

Tea Lyfe is a nice place to spend an afternoon doing work, and the drinks are pretty decent. I do worry about the boba though. Hopefully, it was just an off-day for Tea Lyfe when I got my drink because if the boba is normally tasteless and mushy, I’m not sure how this place got 4 stars.

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