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When I think about a place to go to get boba, I think about boba spots in the Chinatown, Sunset, or Richmond district. When I heard about a boba shop named Teaspoon opening up in the Nob Hill/Russian Hill area, I was a bit skeptical. I usually associate the area with apartment complexes and parks, not boba shops.

On my way to Friday Night fellowship from work, I decided to stop by and try Teaspoon for the first time since it was on my way to church. Boy, was it hard to find parking around Teaspoon! Since it’s located on Polk and Broadway, I’m competing for parking with other drivers who are trying to get to the restaurants and shops in the area. After circling around for around 10 minutes, I finally found parking a couple blocks away.

Ambiance: 7.5/10

Upon entering, I was a bit surprised with how clean and minimal the interior looked. It’s not spectacular like Hi-Tea with all the wall decals and art, but it does have a couple of small local paintings and sleek seating. It’s simple and casual.


The cashier’s counter reminds me of a self-serve Quickly counter with a hipster spin to it, except they don’t do self-serve. I assume they just have all the toppings presented to show the customers what toppings they’re putting in their drinks. It gives the customers a unique experience of seeing how their drinks are made.



Service: 9/10

Since it was my first time at Teaspoon, I wasn’t sure what sizes they had or what custom options (e.g,. sweetness level, ice level, etc) they allowed for the drinks. The cashier that took my order was really friendly and helpful, and he answered all the newbie questions I had for him.

Even though there was a group of people waiting for their drinks even before I made my order, the drinks came out pretty fast. It surprised me since he was the only worker behind the counter. For the friendly customer service and the quick turnaround of the drinks, Teaspoon deserves an A+!

Boba Drink: 8/10

When milk tea comes in a light brown color, I get really nervous about the taste because that usually means the taste would be bland. Fortunately, I was proved wrong after my first sip. It has more of a sweet flavor to it that is similar to Boba Guys, but not too sweet that it can’t even be called milk tea (Cool Tea Bar, anyone?).



The boba was really good. It had a sweet taste to it, and the consistency was close to perfect. My only gripe about it is the price: ~$5 for a drink. Not even Boba Guys is that expensive, but Teaspoon’s drink size is bigger than Boba Guys’ size so I guess that makes up for it.

Final Rating: 8/10

For being one of the few boba shops in the Nob Hill/Russian Hill area, Teaspoon is pretty darn good. It’s on par with Boba Guys, and it’s definitely unique enough for it to draw customers in. The only issue I have with it is the price, but their regular size is the 20oz cups vs Boba Guys’ 16oz cups, so it’s not too bad. I would definitely come back here if I feel like taking a break from Cha Town‘s milk tea.

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