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Most people know that I’m a boba aficionado. I’m quite picky when it comes to boba shops. If their drinks don’t meet a certain standard or their boba is not of the right consistency, they won’t even be considered as possible destinations when I want to satisfy my boba craving.

I’ve tasted enough milk teas and boba in my life to know what makes them good. The taste of milk tea can vary, and that mostly depends on how the boba shop makes it. A couple of factors are the milk-to-tea ratio, type of milk and tea used, and amount of sugar. You can have milk tea that taste too milky, too bitter, or somewhere in between. Good boba shops know the perfect balance of the two in creating good-tasting milk tea.

Like milk tea, the taste as well as consistency of boba can vary, and that also depends on how the boba is prepared. The most important factor, in my opinion, would be the cooking time and how long it’s boiled. If boba isn’t boiled enough, then it’ll be on the harder side and not fun to chew. Chewing on this type of boba feels like chewing on overcooked meat. If boba is boiled for too long, then it’ll be on the mushy side and flavorless. This is actually worse than hard boba as mushy boba will get stuck in your teeth and feels terrible in your mouth. Horrible, right? It should be a crime to serve subpar boba!

Fortunately, I’ll be starting a series of blog posts called the “Boba Blog” (I couldn’t think of a more creative name). In these posts, I’ll be reviewing and rating drinks from boba shops I frequent. I’ll be sharing my experience as well as my vast wealth of boba knowledge so that you can arm yourself against bad boba shops!

Stay tuned!

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