Why I Ditched My S6 Edge For an iPhone 6S

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I had an Android a couple years ago ‒ the Atrix 4G. After using that crappy phone for around a year, I can say my experience with it made me hate Androids with a fiery passion. That piece of junk would bug out and restart itself as its daily routine. It was so slow that I’d have to wait at least a couple of seconds to load up any app. And if I had more than two apps open, it would get hot enough for me to have to “kill” my apps and leave the phone alone until it cooled off. It’s safe to say that I stopped considering Androids as an upgrade option whenever upgrade season came around.

A few months ago, I made the mistake of giving Androids another chance when I bought the Samsung S6 Edge. The sleek edge design and the nifty “features” got me drooling, and I ended up caving. What I experienced for the next a couple months with the S6 Edge reinforced my displeasure towards Androids. I cut my contract short with the supposed “iPhone killer” and traded it back in once the iPhone 6S released. I could not have been anymore happier getting rid of a phone.

So what did I hate about the S6 Edge?

1. The user experience is crappy.

I think it is pretty well-recognized within the smartphone community that the user experience of the Android platform is trash compared to the iOS platform. When I made the switch from the iPhone 5 to the S6 Edge, all the apps and widgets felt so isolated from one another. I understand that part of Android’s selling point is that it’s highly customizable, but that’s where user experience takes a hit.

2. It takes a long time to load apps.

Like my previous Android, it would sometimes take a while to load apps or navigate within an app. Seriously? I thought that within the four-ish years of not bothering with Androids, they would have fixed this issue by now. I would complain to my Android friends about this, and they swear to me that it’s only because I have a Samsung. Maybe I’m just unlucky with choosing Android phones, but you would rarely experience this with up-to-date iPhone models.

3. The apps still bug out!

I thought this would all change from my past experience with the Atrix 4G, but I guess it is still an issue with modern-day Androids. Some of the apps would crash constantly while other apps would just not function properly. To list a few issues:

  • The music app would randomly stop playing music (or change volume on its own).
  • The weather app would constantly crash whenever I tried getting weather updates. And yes, the app was up-to-date.
  • The texting apps, no matter which one I used, would sometimes send duplicate texts.

It felt like I was using an elegantly built (aesthetically) phone with poorly built apps. How can I start trusting this platform if I can’t even get the apps to work properly?

4. The phone would get frighteningly hot with minimal use.

I would be on a voice call with someone, and the phone would feel like a hot tea kettle on my face because it was heating up so much. It would sometimes start getting hot in my pocket for no reason, and I would end up having to hold it or leaving it on the table until it cooled off. Surprisingly, it never blew up on me.

Sure, you can say that these issues could just be isolated to my specific phone or it may just be Samsung’s fault, but I think the trust for Androids is forever gone. Thank you, Samsung, for reminding me that I have always hated Androids, and I probably always will.

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