The Essentials: Vegas Trip 2015

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I will be spending part of my holiday vacation time in Vegas with some buddies from my college days. What better to start the holiday fun with good friends, good times, and new experiences? When it comes to traveling, I stress a lot about what to bring and how comfortable I want to be. If I’m going to be spending 4 days in a new city, I’ll want to pack enough to be comfortable while I’m there – especially if I’ll be walking around the majority of the time. So what did I bring for this Vegas trip?

  1. MacBook Air – I’m going to try my best to document this trip so I have to have my machine with me to blog on. And you never know when there’s downtime for me to check my social media.
  2. Passion Planner and Pen – It’s good to have a notebook ready for inspiration and random thoughts throughout the day.
  3. Casio Watch – Keeping track of time is a must when you’re running around the city.
  4. Brixton Leather Wallet – I’ve been trying to slim down my wallet, and using this minimal bi-fold wallet forces me to only carry what I need. It’s also not as bulky as not previous wallets.
  5. Apple Earbud Headphones – I never leave the house without headphones on me. I wouldn’t be able to last a day without my music. Can you imagine being on a plane ride without music?!
  6. Herschel Little America Backpack – Being in an unfamiliar city, it feels safer to have a bag to hold onto necessities. Maybe I can also add more to it with souvenirs I collect during my day-to-day in Vegas.
  7. Joggers – As I’ve already mentioned, being comfortable during my travels is a must. What better to wear than comfortable pants when I’m going to be walking around all the time?

I’m excited for what I’m going to be doing for the next couple days. I missed it last year when my friends came last December, but I’m definitely not missing it again this year. Vegas, here I come!

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