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Craving boba when I’m outside of California always makes me nervous because most of the horrible boba drinks I’ve experienced were from out-of-state. I’m not sure what it is with boba joints outside of the Golden State – it seems like they’re trying so hard to reinvent the wheel of good boba, but they’re ruining it!

A group of friends and I made a trip to Honolulu back in March. We obviously had to make time for boba runs during this trip. Luckily, we stayed near the boba shop of this blog entry: Tea Boss.

Ambiance: 8.5/10

The first thing I noticed when I walked inside Tea Boss was how dim it was. The dim lighting gave it a cozy vibe. If I lived around this area, this would be the place I would spend my time if I wanted to relax and read a book. Depending on what type of seating you want, you can enjoy your drink on a regular table seating or bar seating.


Service: 9/10

The service here is pretty clear-cut: line up, order your boba, then pick up at the pick-up counter when they call you back. Easy, right? They have a sign that explains how to order and the different customizations you can get so that made the ordering process a piece of cake for me. More places should have these signs because when they don’t, I’d have to make assumptions on the sweetness level and ice level they provide. Thanks for making it so easy for a new customer, Tea Boss!


Boba Drink: 8/10

The boba here was surprisingly good. Being that I wasn’t in California, I’m always skeptical about how people make their boba, but I was quite surprised at how sweet and chewy it was. The boba baristas here definitely know how to cook their boba.

The milk tea itself was decent. I usually like my milk tea with a half-milk-half-tea flavor. Tea Boss’ milk tea is more on the milky side with a hint of tea, which is passable.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

I’m glad to have found a boba spot outside of California that I would be a repeat customer to. Since my first time trying Tea Boss (early-March 2017), I’ve probably gone back at least 10 times as it’s the only notable boba spot in the Waikiki area. So if you’re every visiting Hawaii and you end up in the Waikiki area, definitely pay this spot a visit to quench your boba crave.

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