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Back when I still attended UC San Diego, I made a conscious effort to grab boba at least twice a week. Although the boba shops in the San Diego area weren’t as good as the ones I was used to in San Francisco, I still had to find San Diego’s best to satisfy my cravings. Like Santa, I would keep a mental list of all the good and bad boba shops. After my 5 years of living in San Diego, let’s just say my mental “good boba shop” list for San Diego wasn’t a long one for me to consider it a good city for boba.

I went back to visit San Diego this past Memorial Day weekend to meet up the old college buddies. Knowing that I am a boba fanatic with a blog, they decided to take me to a relatively new boba shop named It’s Boba Time. Some of them had it before so they wanted to know what I would think about it.



Ambiance: 9/10

The interior of this place is pretty awesome. Similar to Hi Tea (San Francisco, CA), there’s an entire wall dedicated to wall art and decals that makes this place feel homey. But unlike Hi Tea, it has more of a casual hangout spot vibe so they don’t have the comfy couches and nice lamps, but there are plenty of tables and chairs for people to sit around to chat or study.

One thing I really liked about this place was how they presented their drink menu. They had a couple of flat screen TVs behind the counter that showed their entire drink menu as well as their most popular drinks. I always found this presentation to be more professional and customer-friendly. It’s all in the details!



Service: 9/10

Since it was my first time at It’s Boba Time, I had a couple of questions before I made my order. The cashier was friendly in answering all the dumb questions I had. The menus had helpful instructions on the sweetness levels that saved me from asking a couple more dumb questions, so that’s definitely a plus.

Since we came in a pretty large group and most of us ordered a drink, I expected to have to wait ~10 minutes for my order to come out, but it came out in half the time. One peek into the kitchen showed two employees making the drinks and machines that were mixing pre-made batches of milk tea, so that explained how they made my drink so fast. All in all, great customer service!



Boba Drink: 8.5/10

The drink wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good. The boba had decent flavor, but was slightly on the undercooked side. The milk tea tasted like your standard overly-sugary milk tea. If I got this drink anywhere else besides San Diego, it would be a lower rating, but since we are talking about San Diego boba, I wasn’t too critical about it.



Final Rating: 8.5/10

If this place was an option back when I was an undergrad, I would totally come here to grab a drink and study or to play board games. It just wouldn’t be my go-to place if I were to crave for some of San Diego’s finest milk tea because this place wouldn’t be up there on my list.



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